On behalf of her virtues Anna Catharina’s history is imprinted by professional navigation much longer time than by pleasure sailing though it is a pleasure to join her sailing:

Sailtraining Vessel

Sailtraining Vessel (nautics and navigation) for midshipmen of the "Koninklijke Marine Jachtclub" and "Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Kustzeilers", then in duty of several sailtraining schools. She’s been voyaging several times round the world or cruising in the tradewinds between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Research Station

Research station for oceanographic purposes: Survey mesurements of water quality, whale watching (Counting animals in certain sea areas). Divingstation for biological investigations.


Related to social training projects with different samples of participants, students and personnel Anna Catharina has been used as a sea-laboratory for sociological, psychological and educational science and development for almost twenty years.
Aim of the experiments was to find out and prove, if and under which conditions a ship can be used as a medium for education or rehabilitation of young outsiders.
These projects have been subjekt of several scientific publications and graduations and have contributed to the development of new methodological ways and knowledge about systemic learning and communication.
For more information about results ask: http://familienhilfe.net/gjfh/